Rebecca, Administrator

Rebecca has been a part of our team since opening in March 2013. She has multiple years of experience working with animals. Rebecca’s largest interest is veterinary dentistry and thrives in the hectic work flow that comes with being in the veterinary field. After a busy day at work you can find her relaxing with her husband, Joe, and daughter, Samantha. Rebecca can’t get enough of the brachycephalic breeds and adores the snoring of her older pug Ares. She also has two Guinea Pigs named Miso and Sushi.

Ariel, Administrator

Ariel has been a part of the Animal Health Center team since December 2014. She has always had a passion for animals, dogs especially, and decided to turn it into a career. With years of experience in restaurants and two years in the medical field, Ariel is right at home in the hectic work flow of a veterinary clinic. She was born and raised in Wichita, KS, but is a beach bum at heart! She enjoys traveling and outdoor activities, such as camping and going to the lake, with her husband, Max, and son, Jace. In her spare time she also enjoys baking and crafting. Ariel has two dogs, a Shepherd Mix named River, and a Labrador Mix named Elway.

Yvonne, Veterinary Assistant

Yvonne has been a part of our team since December 2017, but has worked for a few other Wichita clinics and one in Athens, Georgia. She is a Wichita native. Her favorite part of the job is helping sick pets feel better. Outside of work you can find her spending time with her four children, drawing, and painting. She loves all animals and has one cat, Kitty, at home.

Rafael, Veterinary Technician

Rafael (Frankie) was born and raised in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. He speaks both English and Spanish. In October 2017, Rafael moved to Wichita, Kansas. His passion for animals led him to study to be a Veterinary Technician at the University of Turabo in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico. Becoming a veterinary technician helps him to have a better knowledge of animal health in order to be able to treat and cure animals. His goal is to eventually become a veterinarian. Rafael is an animal lover and has always been surrounded by animals. He grew up taking care of chickens, rabbits, ducks, turkeys, cows, horses and lots of dogs. His first dog was a Chihuahua named “Mantequilla”, who was with him for more than twelve years. His hobbies include drawing, reading, playing video games, watching Netflix, TV, and movies, and being a volunteer and taking care of animals.

Rafael (Frankie) nació y crió en Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Habla inglés y español. En octubre de 2017, se mudó a Wichita, Kansas. Su pasión por los animales lo llevó a estudiar técnico de veterinario en la Universidad del Turabo en Barceloneta, Puerto Rico. Convertirse en un técnico de veterinario porque le ayuda a tener un mayor conocimiento de la salud animal, saber cuidarlos y curarlos. Su meta es llegar a ser un médico veterinario. Rafael es amante de los animales, siempre el estado rodeado de animals. El crecío cuidando pollitos, conejos, patos, pavos, vacas, caballos, y muchos perros. Su primer perro se llamó Mantequilla, quien estaba con el más de doce años. Su pasantiempos favoritos son: dibujar, leer, jugar video juegos, ver Netflix y television, cine, ser voluntario y cuidar a los animales.

Priscilla S., Veterinary Technician

Priscilla S. joined our team in May 2018. She was born and raised in Wichita, KS. Her passion for animals inspired her to begin the WSU Tech Veterinary Technician program, in which she just graduated in December 2018. Her plan is to earn a bachelor’s degree then become a Veterinary Technologist. She has a large interest in wildlife and exotic animals. Outside of work and school; Priscilla enjoys going to the gym and taking long walks with her three dogs, Rufo, Chica, and Bubbles. She has a special place in her heart for German Shepherds. Priscilla also enjoys traveling and taking wild adventures. She has volunteered at the Kansas Humane Society, Sedgwick County Zoo, and Great Plain Nature Center for more hands-on experience.

Priscilla S. se unidó a nuestro equipo en Mayo de 2018. Ella nació y se crió en Wichita, KS. Su pasión por los animales la inspiró a comenzar el programa de Técnico Veterinario de WSU Tech, en el que acaba en graduarse en Diciembre de 2018. Su plan es obtener una licenciatura y luego convertirse en un tecnólogo veterinario. Ella tiene un gran interés en la vida silvestre y los animales exóticos. Fuera del trabajo y la escuela; Priscilla disfruta ir al gimnasio y dar largos paseos con sus tres perros, Rufo, Chica y Bubbles. Ella tiene un lugar especial en su corazón para los Pastores alemanes. Priscilla también disfruta viajar y aventuras salvajes. Se ha ofrecido como voluntaria en la Kansas Humane Society, el Zoológico del condado de Sedgwick y el Great Plain Nature Center para obtener una experiencia más práctica.