Rebecca, Administrator

Rebecca has been a part of our team since opening in March 2013. She has multiple years of experience working with animals. Rebecca’s largest interest is veterinary dentistry and thrives in the hectic work flow that comes with being in the veterinary field. After a busy day at work you can find her relaxing with her husband, Joe, and daughter, Samantha. Rebecca can’t get enough of the brachycephalic breeds and adores the snoring of her older pug Ares. She also has two Guinea Pigs named Miso and Sushi.

Yvonne, Veterinary Assistant

Yvonne has been a part of our team since December 2017, but has worked for a few other Wichita clinics and one in Athens, Georgia. She is a Wichita native. Her favorite part of the job is helping sick pets feel better. Outside of work you can find her spending time with her four children, drawing, and painting. She loves all animals and has one cat, Kitty, at home.